The Empty Toolbox – SSIS 2012


I stared at this toolbox in disbelief. White and spacious with a confirming message that gave me no comfort: “There are no usable controls in here … “. What happened to the Source Assistant? Where in the world is the Destination Assistant? Merge: gone! Data Conversion: gone! Forget about adding an Execute SQL Task, this is not happening! I guess, I’m not making any more Integration Services packages, unless I work on another computer, or go back to 2008. Maybe this is a bug. It could be, because it is a new product, right? Maybe I should file a bug report.

No, it can’t be a bug, someone would have reported it by now. I must have done something to mess it up. I vaguely remember opening up another project to look at it and closing the toolbox because it was in the way, but it should come back shouldn’t it? Yeah, it should come back, but it didn’t.

Desperately searching for some way to get the items back, I trolled the menus, scoured the icons and noticed this.


Click! It’s back. Yay! Hoorah! Happy days are back again!


Well what do you know? SSIS has it’s own dedicated toolbox. Do I wonder why it is like that? No, I don’t care anymore. I’ve got the toolbox back and that is all that matters!

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20 comments on “The Empty Toolbox – SSIS 2012
  1. Tanya Morton says:

    Thanks – I don’t think I would have found that on my own.

  2. Rich Hims says:

    Have seen a couple of people specify this with just a screenshot. In an attempt to be more specific, from the SSIS control flow design view, I found the SSIS Toolbox in the SSIS menu item. Brilliantly, the entries in the SSIS menu change contextually, so having made the SSIS Toolbox visible, once I selected it, it was no longer in the menu, so even attempting to put this into words led to further confusion…

  3. stucifer says:

    Or right-click on the background and choose SSIS Toolbox. I just found this after not being able to locate the friggin’ icon!

  4. Mike Chittick says:

    OMG, thank you for the tip. Saved me some serious grief.

  5. jeremiah says:

    Thank you so much!.. i just freaked out and you saved my sanity

  6. Aigerim says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Peter Cwik says:

    Right Click in the ToolBox and choose add items. What a PITA! I’m a DBA not a web weenie, get that junk out of my toolbox!

  8. Will D. says:

    Just sad and amazing. Thank you Robert, sincerely. Thank you Microsoft, not so sincerely.

  9. Israel says:

    Thank you!! I spent two hour looking for an answer, but I didn’t imagine it was so simple…Greetings from Mexico City

  10. TysonKamp says:

    Thanks Robert. I’ll buy you a drink for that next time you’re in the financial district SF, CA, USA.

  11. Just what I needed! Thank you!

  12. Awesome! This saved me a lot of time.

  13. xuemei zhao says:


  14. allthedoors says:

    I stared and clicked for quite a while before searching for an answer. Thank you!

  15. This is still a really confusing issue that persists in Visual Studio 2013. CRAZY!!!

    Thanks for revealing this, since the documentation leads one to assume that it’s referring to the standard Toolbox, not some secret, dedicated, SSIS toolbox.

    Thankfully I didn’t have to burn a whole day on it, however!

  16. Kevin Dahl says:

    It’s very telling of how much attention Microsoft pays to BI developers to find that this is still an issue 2 1/2 years later.

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