Visual Studio and TFS 2012 ALM Aspects



With the recent release of Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012, Microsoft has introduced several improvements in the area of Application Life-cycle Management.





Storyboarding using Power Point. This is awesome!


Right from Team Explorer you can request feedback from a BA. You send a link to your application that the BA can use to try out your app and then you receive an answer as a work item.


Code review workflows are now available so that as a developer, you can request a review, and have a response sent back with specific comments down to the line of code.

Agile Planning

If you use agile methodologies, you can set up your sprints, modify them and track progress from Team Foundation Server Web Access. You can even drag and drop tasks on the Task Board!

Project Planning

Integration with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server is available out of the box with built-in APIs. In 2010 this was only available with a feature pack.

Round Tripping

Your 2010 solutions do not have to be upgraded, so you can open them up in 2012, save them and reopen them with 2010. In this way you don’t have to upgrade all of your developers to 2012 at once.


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