SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Drill Down Details

There are a number of ways to accomplish drill down to details in your reports, with the easiest way that I have found is using grouping and hiding the detail rows. The viewer of the report then clicks on a + to open the detail rows just below the group heading. When your grouping involves multiple columns, then it is not a good way because the columns that go along with the group are repeated in each detail row. What I am trying to describe is   a group that has an ID and along with a number of attributes that describe the group and appear alongside the group ID. The details within the group would appear on several rows with the group header information repeated in each row.

When this happens, I think it is better to display the details in a separate report. To accomplish this you can use a link to a separate report. Using Report Builder 3.0, open up your report for editing, then remove the detail columns from your report. Then select a cell in one of the remaining columns, then right-click, then select Text Box Properties. In the properties window, select Action on the left.


Here you can change the action from ‘None’ to ‘Go to report’, then specify the report and then Add parameters. In the Value column for the parameter, choose a field value to pass to the separate report. Try out the report. When you hover over the data in the column with the action property the mouse cursor turns into a hand. Click on the cell and the new report is rendered with the parameter automatically passed in.

Thanks to Scott Murray for providing the tip.


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