Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 Available

Update 2 for Visual Studio came out yesterday and it is available for download. It has a load of new features and changes and bug fixes. I’ll highlight some of the new features.

Switching Between Projects

Switching between projects is easier now. You used to have drill down on the right click menu, but now you get a list where you can even switch between servers and collections. Just use the new button at the top of Team Explorer, then click on the project from the list.

Work Item Tags

Tagging work items in Web Access is a nice feature. Although you can only tag one item at a time, you can have multiple tags for each item. Tags can have any text that you choose and in the interface you can filter based on a tag or multiple tags at a time. You can’t enter the tags using Visual Studio, but if you can query on the tags since they are stored in an ordinary column. The condition has a “Contains Words” option when setting up your query.

Code Map

The Code Map feature has been brought down from Ultimate to Premium, This is cool, while debugging, click on Code Map button at the top, and diagram shows up on the right. It displays a visualization of your call stack, you can tell without clicking around how you got to  your break point.

Cloning Test Plans

Now we have the ability to clone test plans. Just right click on the plan and select Clone Test Plan.

Test Runner

There is a test runner available from web access, so that you can run your tests manually without MTM.


Now you can pick and choose the unit tests that you want to run and keep them in a playlist.

Kanban Board

There is a new kanban board. It is not on the regular board, but under product backlog, There are two menu items: stories and board. Click on board and that is where the Kanban board lives. It is separate from the story board. You can customize columns, with new states. The states that you create apply only to the Kanban board. Each state has a real work item state (Active, Closed). Once you create the new custom column in the order that you want, you can drag and drop your tasks between your new states, just like on the story board. You can also see a cumulative flow graph, that can show your growth of items.

Compatible with 2010 Build Servers

Now you can run 2010 build servers with TFS 2012!

Update 3

After this, I hear that Update 3 is coming around the bend, but that is expected to have more modest changes. Following that we should expect a 2013 release which should have more major changes.


To update Visual Studio, download and install the following.

To update your Team Foundation Server 2012 download and install and configure the following.


For more information see the description of the update from Microsoft.

Also check out the Team Foundation Server blog.

Also check out these two short videos that show the testing improvements.

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