The Scourge of Politics in Development

It is my dream to be able to do coding, analysis and design without any interference from politics. I naively thought that if I just focused wholly on technical things and avoided any involvement in politics that I would be fine. Inevitably I found this to be false, since you have to work with others on projects of significance and in this world it is too easy to find bitter envy and selfish ambition. Only when I work 100% independently can I avoid all this and just make my tiny little projects and consume them by myself.

Consider the case of design where there are competing alternatives with similar qualities. The best alternative is likely overtaken by someone’s own idea or the one that they like or an idea from one who is most convincing or from one who is the best at presenting the benefits of their own idea.

Nonetheless, I still feel that focusing on technical merits, hard work and discipline are better than  getting involved in politics. I just want to be aware and have an understanding of others perspectives. I would still rather improve my abilities in development than learn to be a better presenter or salesperson.

I feel that is best to just let people have their glory, let them keep their ideas and opinions and not try to drag them down. I want to let everyone have their own recognition or power or whatever they want. I can contribute in a low-key kind of way; focused, objective and humble.

What is your opinion?

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